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A Tradition of Excellence

Provident is a forward thinking real estate developer dedicated to industry leading design, quality craftsmanship, and responsible community development.

With roots in historic restorations, Provident has established a tradition of excellence over the last 30 years through projects ranging from single family homes and luxury waterfront condominiums, to prime Class A commercial space and entire planned communities.

We’re proud to maintain longstanding relationships with our valued suppliers and contractors. We believe this speaks volumes about the stability of our company and our commitment to the community whether we’re building in our home port of Metro Halifax on Canada’s East Coast, or abroad.


Provident Home Listings

Brookline Park
Lot # Home Types Lot Width Lot Size House Width Status
Elizabeth Doane Drive
ED04 BG / WO 34 7,366 22 Provident
ED47 BG / WO 34 5,583 22 Provident
ED48 BG / WO 34 6,510 22 Provident

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Provident Sales Information

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