Anderson Family

“The Parks of West Bedford has been our home for five years now. We love our elegant modern home and picturesque yard. The family oriented sense of community was our draw here. The girls love that they can walk, scooter or bike around, often stopping at the park. I frequent the walking trails with our black lab as I love the serenity of the forest. Noggins Corner Farm Market and Cortado Tasting Room are also places we adore and thus visit often. People are generally so friendly here. We are grateful to be part of this community and utilize all it has to offer.”

Meet the neighbours – Heather Anderson, her daughters Paige and Sophie, their Black Lab Mira, and Ryder the Cat. They love their life in Stonington Park in The Parks of West Bedford. The girls are always busy with plenty of space to explore in a safe and family-oriented neighbourhood. They are happy as can be in their beautiful, modern home, having found the sweet-spot between comfort and convenience in The Parks of West Bedford.

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