MacFarlane Family

“The kids are taking us to the bear cave they found. It’s actually just a spot between two rocks behind the field, but we pretend a friendly bear lives there and go on regular bear hunts. It’s a good excuse to tramp through the woods and have a picnic lunch. So far we’ve only found rabbits, squirrels, birds and bugs, but they’re determined to find the bear this summer. It’s fun to get them outside and play pretend – plus, they’re much less likely to wander too far if they think they’ll get eaten.”

Meet the neighbours! Andrew and Victoria McFarlane and live in beautiful Stonington Park with their adorable and active boys Felix and Atticus. Both busy lawyers working in downtown Halifax, they chose The Parks of West Bedford as their home because of the easy commute downtown and the abundance of nearby amenities. Aside from hunting bears, the McFarlane family can be found socializing with the neighbours, participating in community events and soccer, and hosting backyard barbecues with friends and family.

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