Zhao Family

“When we moved to The Parks, there was only one street with a few dozen houses being built, but now it is the home to many families. This home has meant a lot to us, not only because we enjoy our life here, but this home has accompanied us through few important stages of our lives. It is our very first property. Then we had our first marriage here, and it will be our last one I am sure – fingers crossed! Thereafter, our first child came to our life, then it was the second one. One day maybe my first business will start here too?”

“We enjoy sitting in the sunshine watching kids playing in the backyard, and we love to watch them grow bigger and stronger day by day. Living in the Parks of West Bedford as a family, we feel very lucky and happy, and it will be the best time of our life.” – Helen Zhao

Meet the neighbours! Helen Zhao, Chris Jiang and their two sweet children Avery and Raymond live happily in Stonington Court. The family enjoys socializing with the neighbours and taking advantage of the amenities in and around the community. They love to have their extended family visit and stay with them, which is great, because their beautiful home was designed for entertaining!

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