The following items require pre-approval. Requests will be reviewed and approved at the sole discretion of the Developer:

  • Architectural styling and design details of the home;
  • Exterior materials and colours of the home;
  • Siting and grading of the home;
  • Location and appearance of any outbuilding or fence requested for the property;
  • Removal of any tree exceeding 2″ in diameter from the property; and
  • Installation location of any antenna or satellite dish on the property.

To obtain an approval letter please submit a site plan showing the general location of the fence/outbuilding etc. along with a description which includes the dimensions, materials, and colours. Approvals do not supersede or replace any HRM permits or By-Laws.

The Developer, in its sole and absolute discretion, will consider whether the submitted plans meet the intent of the Design Guidelines prior to issuing any approval. Construction cannot proceed until approval has been issued.

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