Architectural Details

  • Minimum roof pitches:
    • 6/12 Minimum Front to Back Pitch
    • 9/12 Minimum Side-to-Side Pitch
      Contemporary house designs will be given consideration on an individual basis.
  • No more than 7 exterior risers shall lead to the front entryway from the garage level, unless otherwise permitted.
  • Decorative window trims shall be incorporated on sides of the home that face the street.
  • It is encouraged to use coloured window and door casings, soffits, facia boards, gutters etc. that complement the house colours.
  • Frieze board, sill boards and corner boards shall be used on all non-base exterior finishes.
  • Glazing is required on garage doors.
  • Decorative roof returns on gable ends if suited to architectural style.
  • Where columns are used, they shall complement the architectural style of the home and must not have a dimension less than 8”.
  • Homes on corner lots require similar decorative architectural details and treatments as you would find on the front of the home, including but not limited to; frieze boards, corner boards, window trim, siding and masonry.

Design guidelines may vary by community and street. Please refer to your Purchase and Sales Agreement for specifics.

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