Environmental Features

Rain Barrels

The use of rain barrels is encouraged throughout The Parks of West Bedford.

Specifically within Cascades Park, a minimum of one rain barrel is required to be used at the front of all semi-detached and single family homes. If the lot abuts a watercourse to the rear of the property then an additional rain barrel is required in the rear yard. The rain barrel must not be larger than 50 gallons or 200 liters, the colour should complement the house as much as possible, and it should be incorporated into the landscaping or screened on the side of the house.

The benefits of using rain barrels include:

  • Water can be reused as needed in the garden or lawn landscape
  • Reduces stormwater runoff and pollution by providing treatment to the “first flush” of contaminants
  • Reduces water bills by not using potable water for irrigation
  • Water generated is very soft (low in minerals), which is well-suited for plant growth

Please refer to The Parks of West Bedford, Home Owner’s Guide to Lawn Care Best Management Practices for more ways to preserve and enhance our most precious natural resource… Water.

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