Minimum Requirement Check List

For home design approval and siting and grading completion:

  • Facade differs from the home on either side and across the street
  • Wall heights and home style (2ST, 2ST*, BG) match the existing master grading plan
  • The front facade is ‘balanced’ with no large areas of blank wall space on the front of the home
  • Corner lots have decorative architectural details and treatments on the flank side
  • There are a maximum of 7 exterior steps, in a straight run, from entryway to garage level.
  • Where columns are used, they are a minimum of 8″. If columns are wooden, they must be stained and painted
  • Garage door must match the architectural style of the house
  • The garage and driveway widths comply with HRM maximum width requirements (click here for details)
  • The roof pitch is a minimum 8/12 side to side for New Traditional Style homes unless otherwise approved by WBHL
  • Garage does not protrude more than 5′ beyond any other other facade elements
  • Masonry requirements as per Table 1, are met, and noted on plans (details regarding location requirements)
  • The remaining area of the facades, the roof, and driveway, are all designed to be constructed and finished with an approved material (click here for details)
    • Front porches and stairs are designed to be constructed of materials other than pressure treated wood
  • Provisions have been made to screen green bins, garbage cans, propane tanks, etc. from street view where possible
  • You have met with us to coordinate three key common elements to be used across the other lots within your area (click here for details)

For Landscape Deposit Release

  • Colour and material selections must be submitted
  • A lot grading certificate must demonstrate that the initial intent is met by showing grades at the same locations as proposed grading
  • One tree must be planted for every single, semi-detached or townhouse dwelling unit; Two trees for every lot with a frontage greater than 50′
    • Trees must be indigenous to Nova Scotia and be a minimum of 5′ (1.52 m) tall and a minimum diameter of 5cm/2″.

Note: This list is intended to provide a quick reference for key items required for approval. Meeting these requirements does not guarantee approval.

Landscaping and driveway areas will be completed within 6 months from the date of substantial home completion.

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